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If you are teacher with student loan debt you're probably really confused about the qualifications for forgiveness, we get it.

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 If you are one of the many public school teachers in the US, there’s a good chance you didn’t choose this career path for the love of money.  You probably have at least $30,000 in student loan debt and a starting salary that doesn’t leave much room to make those high monthly repayments.  America doesn't have enough teachers as it is.  We should be doing everything we can to help teachers get on top of their debt so they can focus on why they chose this path in the first place; to teach.  It shouldn't be a treasure hunt, and you shouldn't be getting misleading information from loan servicers like Sallie Mae!  Federal loans weight heavily on your credit score so it's so important to clear up this debit and get the relief available to improve your credit, not trash it.

5 Reasons Why Teachers with Student Debt Don’t Tackle Student Loan Forgiveness Alone.


1. Don't Have Time
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Teachers are no different from any other professional trying to balance their professional and personal lives. The last thing any of us want to do after a long day of work is to come home and spend hours on hold with your loan servicer to discuss repayment options. Dealing with servicing personnel who aren't knowledgeable about the programs you might be eligible for, and aren't concerned with finding the right type of loan for you can be frustrating and end in financial disaster.

2. Don't Want More Paperwork

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Teachers don't want to do more paperwork.  Submitting public service loan forgiveness paperwork yearly is time-consuming and confusing.  There are so many factors that can affect monthly payments, from family size to change in job or income.  Student Debt USA takes the stress out of the equation by doing all the paperwork for these teachers so they can focus on teaching and not managing timly government paperwork.


3. It's Downright Confusing

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The government sites that were designed to provide you with your options are rarely advertised and extremely difficult to understand. Many teaching and education-based public-sector jobs are eligible for various loan forgiveness programs besides teacher loan forgiveness to help teachers with student debt and most teachers are unaware these programs exist.

4. Misleading Information

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From the outside, loan servicing seems like it would be pretty cut and dry. Their job is to collect payments, adjust balances and help borrowers manage their loans responsibly.  Unfortunately that is most definitely not the case.  In the last few years, industry leaders such as Navient (formerly known as Sallie Mae) have come into the spot light for their less than lawful tactics.  You don't have to look far to find an unhappy borrower.  There is so much misinformation about teacher loan forgiveness and public service loan forgiveness that only a small amount of those eligible are actually taking advantage of these programs.  This is really disturbing to us so we have come up with a solutions to make the process a whole lot easier for the teacher.  Click the button to get started and see for yourself how easy it can be. 

 5. Employers/HR Departments Aren't Educated on Programs

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Most teachers with student debt don’t know about these great options exist.  That is very disturbing for us and our mission is to change that now! The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program was created as a way to encourage people to teach in public service not hide it from them and make it hard to get into.  Spreading awareness about these programs and explaining to a teachers who have federal student loans how it works and what they qualify is something we take very serious which is why we are a 5 star service company with Google and the BBB.

If you are like most teachers with student loan debt your probably confused about the qualifications for forgiveness.

Find out and get help now by checking your eligibility below!

(You don't have to teach at a title 1 to qualify)



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